Beaded Ketubah, Bright Rain, framed
Beaded Ketubah, Bright Rain, detail
BEADED, Antique Gray, Matte Paper
BEADED, Cool Gray, Matte Paper
BEADED, Graystone, Matte Paper
BEADED, Pewter, Matte Paper
BEADED, Charcoal, Matte Paper
BEADED, Chambray, Matte Paper
BEADED, Dark Blue, Matte Paper
BEADED, Aubergine, Matte Paper
BEADED, Burgundy, Matte Paper
BEADED, Crystal, Pearlized Paper
BEADED, Mother of Pearl, Pearlized Paper
BEADED, Sterling, Pearlized Paper
BEADED, Linen, Bookcloth
BEADED, Platinum, Bookcloth
BEADED, Gray Linen, Bookcloth
BEADED, Celery, Bookcloth
BEADED, Steel, Bookcloth
BEADED, Middle Gray, Bookcloth
BEADED, Lapis, Bookcloth
BEADED, Navy, Bookcloth
BEADED, Blue Watercolor, Fine Art Print
BEADED, Rouge Watercolor, Fine Art Print
BEADED, Purple Watercolor, Fine Art Print
BEADED, Blue Pastel, Fine Art Print
BEADED, Gray Pastel, Fine Art Print
BEADED, Blue Magenta, Fine Art Print
BEADED, Bright Rain, Fine Art Print
BEADED, Earth and Sky, Fine Art Print
BEADED, No background




Original, festive and fun! This ketubah reminds us of a beaded curtain, bohemian and beautiful. Vibrant and joyful, this delicately-cut ketubah combines a fresh, sophisticated design with a wonderful sense of movement. A gorgeous showpiece for your wedding day, and afterwards for your home.

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