Ketubah Texts

Modern / Reform

Personal and expressive, these texts are appropriate for a wide range of couples, including Reform, interfaith, and nonaffiliated. Our Modern texts, beautifully written by Ruth, are available exclusively from us. Humanist texts are used with the express permission of the Society for Humanistic Judaism.


The traditional Aramaic ketubah text has survived more or less unchanged for millennia, with only slight variations. For Orthodox weddings, we use the text published by the RCA (Rabbinical Council of America.) Our Conservative text -- which includes the Lieberman clause -- is published by the RA (Rabbinical Assembly.)


These modern-era ketubah texts are both egalitarian and steeped in Jewish tradition. For couples seeking engagement with Jewish text and tradition as adapted to contemporary values.


We speak your language! In addition to Hebrew and English, we’ve prepared ketubahs with Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Korean, and Arabic texts. Contact us to discuss your project.