We’ll help you customize your ketubah text so that it’s just right. We offer clear explanations, excellent client service, and a wealth of knowledge and experience, so we help create a perfectly-personalized ketubah text, just for you. 






Here’s how it works: Ketubah texts are personalized with your names, ceremony date, and ceremony location. Orthodox and Conservative texts incorporate additional details, as well.

After you order from us, you’ll be directed to our online personalization form, which you’ll use to share all of your personalization details with us.

YOUR NAMES: Be sure to enter your names, (including parents’ names, if desired,) carefully into your personalization form, exactly as you would like them to appear on your finished ketubah. Please consult your rabbi or officiant to ensure accuracy and completeness.

We use the following format for your Hebrew names:

[First] [Middle] son / daughter of [Father] and [Mother]
דן בן אברהם ושולמית
רבקה שושנה בת דוד ונעמי
Dan, son of Avraham and Shulamit
Rivka Shoshana, daughter of David and Naomi

Where possible, please provide your Hebrew names in Hebrew letters. If you know your Hebrew name but cannot spell it in Hebrew letters, we will use the most common accepted Hebrew spelling of the names provided. If you don't have a Hebrew name, we'll transliterate, writing your English name phonetically in Hebrew letters.

We use this format for English names:

[First] [Middle (if desired)] [Last]
Daniel William Albright and Rachel Lindsay Green

If you’d like to include your parents’ names in the English text, we will use this format:

[First] [Middle] (if desired) [Last] son / daughter of [Father] and [Mother]
Daniel William Albright, son of David and Selena,
and Rachel Lindsay Green, daughter of David and Naomi

Parents’ last names are not included. If you would like to use an alternate format, we are happy to accommodate most requests.

Orthodox ketubahs include fathers’ names only, unless otherwise requested. Conservative ketubahs include both parents’ names. In addition, if the bride or groom’s father is a Cohen or Levite, please let us know, as this designation is part of traditional Jewish naming conventions.

YOUR WEDDING DATE: English ketubah texts include the wedding ceremony date according to the Secular (Gregorian) calendar. Hebrew ketubah texts include the Hebrew calendar date. For example:

On Sunday, the twenty-fourth of June, two thousand nineteen
באחד בשבת בעשרים יום לחודש סיון שנת חמשת אלפים ושבע מאות ושבעים ותשע

At your request, we can include both the secular and Hebrew calendar dates:

On Sunday, the twenty-fourth of June, two thousand nineteen, corresponding to the twentieth day of the Hebrew month of Sivan in the year five thousand seven hundred and seventy-nine

In Hebrew, we can include both the Hebrew and secular calendar date, if desired:

באחד בשבת בעשרים יום לחודש סיון שנת חמשת אלפים ושבע מאות שבעים ותשע, המקביל לעשרים וארבעה ביוני, אלפיים ותשע-עשרה

  • For traditional ketubahs (Orthodox and Conservative,) only the Hebrew calendar date is included.

Hebrew calendar days are marked from sunset to sunset (instead of from midnight to midnight.) Accordingly, we ask on your personalization form whether your wedding ceremony will fall before or after sunset, so that your ketubah accurately reflects your correct wedding ceremony date.

  • If your wedding falls on a Saturday, we will assume your wedding is taking place after sunset. If it falls on a Friday, we will assume the wedding is taking place before sunset.

YOUR WEDDING LOCATION: We include the location of your wedding ceremony in both the English and Hebrew wording. Please include the city and state on your order form.

  • Couples using Orthodox or Conservative texts should consult with their rabbis and provide the preferred spelling of their ceremony location in Hebrew letters, if possible.

For Orthodox and Conservative texts, additional information is needed to correctly determine the bride’s legal status and her dowry. Please check the correct boxes on your personalization form, and please consult your rabbi with any questions.


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