Formatting & Quotes

Customize your ketubah with your own finishing touches. Choose your lettering or add a quote to create the perfect ketubah.



Typefaces. We have a number of beautiful Hebrew and English typefaces for use on your ketubah.

Ketubah Quotes. Add a meaningful quotation as a header to your kebuah text. Choose from our selections when placing your order, or suggest your own.

Signature Lines. Ketubahs usually include five signature lines: two for the couple, two for witnesses, and one for the rabbi or officiant. If you would like more or fewer signature lines, or would like to label the lines differently, please indicate on your personalization form.

Orthodox and Conservative texts are followed by two signature lines in Hebrew for witnesses, only. If you are adding English, we can add additional signature lines following the English text, as well.

Interlinear Text. Alternate lines of Hebrew and English for an even more beautiful presentation. Available when choosing identical Hebrew and English texts only.

All formatting options are subject to design and size limitations.

Additional fees may apply.

*We are currently accepting Couture ketubah orders only. If you would like to purchase a Couture ketubah, order today! If the ketubah design is listed as "Sold Out," you can choose to add your name to our waitlist by filling out the form.