Care & Framing

Now that you’ve selected the perfect ketubah, here is what you need to know to sign, display, and care for your fine artwork, to ensure a perfect presentation on your wedding day, and for years to come!


Handle with Care. Our papercut artwork is delicate, but surprisingly sturdy. To properly care for your ketubah, handle as little as possible, keep dry, and keep your ketubah out of direct sunlight.

Signing your Ketubah. Sign your ketubah with a acid-free, archival ink signing pen, so that your signatures will last a lifetime. We suggest a fine point pen with black ink, such as the Sakura Pigma Micron pen.

Tip: If you and your witnesses are signing in Hebrew as well as English, consider having all of the names printed out in advance, to avoid signing mistakes.

On the Big Day. Designate a trusted friend or family member to care for and keep the ketubah on your wedding day. They can bring your signing pen, transport the ketubah to and from your ceremony site, and bring it home after the wedding.

Wedding-Day Display. For a more straightforward presentation, postpone framing until after the festivities. Keep your ketubah in its original packaging, which also doubles as a display folio. It’s ready to place on any easel or even a tabletop, for display on your wedding day. To sign, just lift the overlay, and let it fall back into place for display afterwards. This will keep your ketubah clean and well-protected.

Tip: When you wish to have the ketubah photographed, lift away the mylar to avoid reflection and glare.



Sculptural ketubahs may be displayed on their acrylic backing boards, ready to place on a full-size or tabletop easel.

Ketubah Storage. For short-term storage, please keep your ketubah in its original packaging in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight, moisture, and other hazards. For long-term storage, always professionally mount and frame your ketubah as soon as possible.

Framing. Proper framing will best showcase your art and will protect and preserve your ketubah for years to come. Always frame your ketubah promptly after your wedding. We recommend using only professional framing services (and not DIY frames.)

We’re happy to recommend Framebridge, a national framing company, for framing your ketubah. After your wedding, we’ll be happy to send you an exclusive discount code (valid if you’re new to Framebridge), and details for ordering the perfect frame.