Editing & Approval

We’re ketubah experts! We have years of experience and expertise, and are committed to getting your ketubah just right.


When you order from us, we’ll work together to prepare your customized ketubah text and design proof according to your specifications. We work closely with each couple to ensure that your ketubah is printed beautifully and just as you ordered.

Careful review, editing, and revision are valuable, expected, and meaningful parts of the process for finalizing your ketubah before printing.

Here's how it works:

1. After you purchase your ketubah, complete and submit our personalization form. This is where you’ll submit all of your personal information, including your names, wedding date, and ceremony location.

2. Once we receive the completed personalization form, we will prepare your ketubah text and proof for your review and approval.

3. When you receive your text and proof, you’ll review carefully, and will have an opportunity to share both text and proof with your rabbi or officiant. Be sure to review all spelling, personal details, spacing, and formatting.

4. If you’d like to see changes, just let us know! We’ll make the necessary changes, and will send you a revised proof for your review.

5. When your ketubah looks just right, you’ll approve your proof, we will send your ketubah to print!

You should expect to receive your beautiful, personalized ketubah in just a few short weeks. 


*We are currently accepting Couture ketubah orders only. If you would like to purchase a Couture ketubah, order today! If the ketubah design is listed as "Sold Out," you can choose to add your name to our waitlist by filling out the form.