about Ruth // bio

Who I am 

I’m an artist, entrepreneur, and lifelong learner. An idealist and seeker at heart, I’m on a quest for beauty and insight, and I’m passionate about sharing what I find with others. 

In 2020, after years as a successful artist and business-owner, I pivoted to painting full time -- and it’s been a joy and revelation. I love sharing the deep beauty and profound wonder that I experience when I paint; when I behold the world around me; and that I’ve learned to see illuminated in my own interior spaces.  

What I believe 

Beauty creates a moment of “wow.” It takes our breath away. A beautiful moment literally makes us gasp or hold our breath. In that moment, we’re in a state of wonder -- fully aware, deeply engaged.  

What is beauty? Beauty describes a personal, individual experience in which we perceive with awe or appreciation. And while beauty relates to what we see “out there,” it’s something we experience “in here,” subjectively, in our own minds and hearts.  

And while beauty is personal and individual, that doesn’t mean it can’t be shared: After all, we may not be able to taste precisely what another person tastes -- but we can certainly share in the feast!

This is important. I believe that choosing beauty is as essential as committing ourselves to good, as important as seeking truth. And the good news is, beauty is a choice. We can create it with intention and honor its value. Creating and perceiving beauty are skills we can practice and learn. 

As a painter, I practice beauty just about every day -- and it’s my joy and privilege to share that experience with you.

My story, in bullet points

  • I’m 47, happily divorced, she/her. Single mom to three gloriously brilliant creative weirdo teens.
  • Originally from Bethesda, Maryland. For many years I lived in Berkeley, California and in Modiin, Israel. In 2016 I returned to Maryland after 25 years away. 
  • Enthusiastically Jewish. Not religiously observant. I like Einstein’s “cosmic religion,” Heschel’s “radical amazement,” Ken Wilber’s integral theory, and a smattering of new-age woo-woo Ju-Bu inspo.
  • ADHD-er and stimulation-seeker: I crave ever-increasing depth, engagement, and challenge. I bring these sensibilities to my work, learning as I go. 
  • I’ve always been interested in finding deeper meaning, connecting the dots, distilling the essence of things. One of my superpowers is explaining complex concepts with elegant brevity. 
  • Before launching my art career and my business, I... 
    • majored in rhetoric at Cal (minored in the Grateful Dead,) 
    • worked in the news in Jerusalem
    • graduated law school (NYC / CA)
    • and spent years as a stay-at-home mom (dual major in profound joy and sisyphean tedium; minor in elaborately-decorated birthday cakes.) 
  • Since launching my art business, I’ve created well over 2,000 ketubahs (Jewish wedding certificates) for marrying couples worldwide including these beautiful, sculptural designs
  • I also created this line of beautiful and social-justice-inspired graphic art prints
  • And the best is yet to come!

Who I really am

When I was sixteen, my father sent me a birthday card. “You have a luminous soul,” he wrote. 

It was the kindest thing anyone ever said to me. I felt truly seen and deeply loved.

This is who I really am, who I have always been: luminous and bright! My work reveals my most radiant, authentic self and allows me to share my experience -- so that others may see as I do, illuminated from within.